Digitization Overview

With the advancements in technology, repeated paperwork and manual indexing have become increasingly inefficient, complicating record management and consequently demanding replacement with more effective means. It consumes excessive human, monetary and timely resources. It is imperative for successful organizations to integrate business formats which can streamline their work and deliver swift, quality results. The answer to all these issues is simple: Digitization, which involves conversion of documents into digital form and integration of retrieval utility and document management software (DMS) within the organizational infrastructure.

Archive Technologies understands these issues too well and offers specialized digitization services to cater almost any requirement. Our digitization services are aimed to be a single package and all that our client will need.

Archive Technologies Digitization Capabilities

At Archive Technologies, our digitization services incorporate the following capabilities:

  • Our technicians are trained to handle files that are in a sensitive condition and require care so that these can be digitized.
  • Digitized sharing via encrypted URLs and FTP websites with SSL certificates.
  • With our coded links, your data remains confidential and only accessible from your end.
  • Custom retrieval utility software for smart, efficient data management.
  • DMS for heavy duty file management which incorporates business operations within its virtual structure.

Advantages of Archive Technologies Digitization

Archive Technologies digitization services offer the following unique benefits for your business:

  • Optimized Storage

Digitized data requires cloud servers and electronic storage, which consume negligible space as consumed to physical storage. With our services, you can significantly cut back your physical storage space without destroying or sacrificing data.

  • Simplified Data Accessibility

Archive Technologies shares the digitized data via secured websites and hard drives, which can be stored and accessed easily, even remotely via cloud servers.

  • Security

Secure storage on personalized cloud servers or other electronic storages renders your digitized data that is immune to cyber-attacks.

  • Version Controlled

Strict versioning enables traceability for various updates for avoiding chances of data disarray.

  • Retrieval Utility and DMS

Choose between retrieval utility and DMS as per your business requirements. Our technicians can modify the DMS to serve according to how your business operates. Thus, it completely digitizes the entire file management process.

Archive Technologies Digitization Services

Digitization is critical for updating and storing data and optimizing business operations. With its extensive experience, Archive Technologies supplies its clients with comprehensive digitization by utilizing the following technologies:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology: OCR technology allows our scanners to identify characters against which ASCII codes are generated and translated by software for data digitization.
  • Support for Multiple Formats: We extend support for multiple file formats to facilitate our client’s business needs.
  • Manual Digitization: If a file is degraded to the point where automated digitization will either fail or yield inadequate results, we opt for manual digitization where our technicians manually digitize it as best as possible. The scanned images are assigned order codes with indexing that allows easy retrieval.
  • Cataloging with Image Metadata: We develop our images with supporting metadata to provide our clients complete information for every digitized result.
  • Versioning: We maintain strict versioning for every digitized result and in order to preserve data, we discard previous entries only after confirmation has been received by our clients.