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Keeping perfect records of your business is imperative for success. Archiving files and their proper storage is imperative for keeping track and building a history, which can be reviewed anytime for analyzing the very foundation of the business itself. The digitization of existing files can provide relief from holding and maintaining excessive space for physical document storage. Whereas, a secure location is still needed where it can be accessed promptly while remaining safe and secure. Since stored records are safety-critical and contain sensitive data, safety and security is always a priority concern when selecting any physical records management solution.
Archive Technologies offers the most advanced commercially available physical records storage solutions in the market. We understand the significance of retaining physical records of all your business operations. These are crucial for studying history and analyzing performance in order to develop future plans. As an off-site storage solution, we provide our company-owned space to ensure the records are stored safely and not moved because of tenancy agreements, etc. With our physical records management at your disposal, your business can focus entirely on its day-to-day operations while keeping the records in safe and secure custody.

Archive Technologies Record Storage Capabilities

At Archive Technologies, we provide physical records management with the following capabilities at your disposal:

Record storage for all kinds of business documents.

Physical Record management with the bar-coding system.

Self-owned, purpose-built warehouse for reliable file storage

Secure facility with dedicated staff ready to deal with any query.

Safety guaranteed through specialized storage areas, purpose-built facility withstanding natural disasters, fire detection, and suppression systems, etc.

Security guaranteed through personal security guards, on-site security cameras, motion detection systems, etc.

Advantages of Archive Technologies Physical Record Storage

Archive Technologies physical document storage services offer the following unique benefits for your business:
• Seamlessly Continue Business Operations
The main objective of choosing file storage services is to seamlessly continue business operations and data storage without worrying about it. We enable you to cooperatively develop schedules for daily, weekly or monthly backups. We fully maintain and provide all levels of security for your physical records, leaving your business free to focus on its growth and success.

Chronological Backtracking
Storage in a chronological, logical manner is fundamental for allowing businesses to review their data in a sensible fashion. With our bar code technology, your files are assigned unique digital codes through bar codes for enhanced physical records management, backtracking and easy reviewing when required.

• Prompt Retrieval and Tracking
Your files under our storage are catalogued with bar coding to facilitate prompt retrieval and tracking whenever required.

• Personally Owned Facility
Archive Technologies relies on its personally owned physical space instead of renting it out. This means you can be assured your files have a permanent location for storage.

• Utilization of the Best Record Storage Software in the Market
Archive Technologies relies on the world’s leading software imported from the USA, which provides bar code scanning and retrieval capabilities. Moreover, it boasts annual licensing for quality assurance and has the 24/7 availability of trained software suppliers from the USA, England and Australia for help and support. Thus, our foolproof features are freely available by default for your file storage when you select our services.

Archive Technologies Physical Record Storage Services

We believe in providing the best commercially available services in the market and hence incorporate the latest technology for unparalleled services. With the following services, we provide proof that Archive Technologies physical record storage and management services are significantly superior to our competitors:

• Centralized Station Security Monitoring: We have complete security coverage of our facility with restricted access points under continuous security camera surveillance. The feed is continually backed up in remote sites for added security.

•Security Cameras: The entire facility is under continuous surveillance of strategically positioned security cameras which have zero blind spots. Consequently, we have control over the live feed of the entire facility and any threat ranging from sensory malfunction to intruders can be dealt with promptly.

• Theft Alarms:Theft Alarms: The entire facility is equipped with discreetly installed theft alarms of various technologies that alerts in case of unauthorized and intruder attempts.
• Biometric Access Door Locks: Sensitive areas at Archive Technologies are secured by state-of-the-art biometric access door locks.
•Bar Coding: All files under our supervised storage are assigned unique bar codes, which can promptly, accurately and easily be accessed by our clients.
• Early Warning Smoke Detection Systems: We avoid escalation of any fire damage incident with early warning smoke detection systems which activate alert signals as soon as smoke is detected in their vicinity. We use dry powder to eliminate chances of damaging files.

• Termite Controlled Environment:Physical records management includes paper-based files, which can easily be damaged by termites. Archive Technologies storage areas are insect proof to safeguard against any infestation and keep your files in prime condition.

• Secure Pick and Drop: We formulate strategies prior to conducting the loading of our client’s files to develop contingency plans for any outcome. For unloading, we use our company-owned areas with the benefit of full confidentiality and security.

• Earthquake Proof Storage: We formulate strategies prior to picking up our client’s files to develop contingency plans for any outcome. For dropping them off, we have our personally owned estate with the benefit of full confidentiality and security.

• Safe Storage: Our storage warehouse is built from prefabricated steel and integrates certified earthquake-proof construction blueprints for resisting seismic tremors. The storage area itself does not contain electric connections to completely eliminate the chances of any related damages. Light sources and such devices used within storage areas are battery operated and never left within the area itself as added caution.

• Specialized Racking System:With our specialized racking, everything is kept in order and becomes extremely easy for accessing at any given time.

• Designated Destroy Dates:We offer the services of assigning files unique destroy dates which allows you to designate them a lifespan. Upon the end of their lifespan, we will automatically dispose them off permanently through our records destruction service.