Record Destruction


While documentation is imperative for any business, records grow old over the time and become obsolete. For reasons ranging from redundancy and obsolete data to low storage space and data sensitivity, certain files under physical storage requires complete disposal. This data not only consumes excessive space and management resources but can also become a liability and threat if it gets in the wrong hands.

Organizations often label their files with expected destroy dates upon which they are disposed-off. However, file disposal is a major issue as it requires being discreet, expenditure of monetary and timely resources to conduct the operations as well as specialized equipment for ensuring the data cannot be reconstituted and used for malicious purposes.

Archive Technologies provides record destruction services with full confidentiality for clients to benefit from. When your data reaches its expiry date, you can simply contact us and we will cover everything from securely picking up your files to disposing them off completely without traces.

Archive Technologies Records Destruction/Shredding Capabilities

At Archive Technologies, our record destruction services incorporate the following capabilities:

  • Tracking destruction dates of materials under physical archiving or as scheduled by clients.
  • Secure pick up and destruction with complete certificate of destruction.
  • Capabilities to dispose-off small and large documents.
  • Destroying sensitive files designated for disposal with chemicals and forwarding them for recycling.
  • Assigning destroy dates for existing data in our storage in order to automatically destroy it when the date is reached.

Advantages of Archive Technologies Records Destruction/Shredding

Archive Technologies record destruction services offer the following unique benefits for your business:

  • Full Conformity with the Law

Our record destruction services abide by the rules and regulations in destroying your office records and documents. We wipe out the records without creating legal issues or litigations for you.

  • Cost Effective Solution

Instead of spending resources on acquiring record destruction equipment, formulating procedures for disposal and allocating human resources towards it, simply hire our services to get it done for you. With our services at your disposal, you can save on costs associated with data disposal while benefiting from quality services.

  • Certificate of Destruction

We claim responsibility for your data and provide certificate of destruction which authenticates that we undertook the responsibility for your data and provided record destruction for it.

  • Records Retention Scheduling

We maintain accurate timings of destroying dates to certify that your data is destroyed in a timely fashion.

  • Appointment Bookings

We enable your business to schedule appointments at your leisure to book our services.

  • Off-Site Physical Storage Disposal

The whole record destruction is conducted at an off-site location from your business. Thus, saving you from the hassle and any issues associated with physical data disposal.

  • Data Movement Report

Archive Technologies provides a comprehensive report regarding where and how your data was transported from pickup to disposal.

  • Environment Friendly Solution

All of our records are safely disposed-off in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Archive Technologies Records Destruction Services

Archive Technologies strives to dispense the best commercially available record destruction/shredding services and succeeds in doing so with its trained, qualified staff, cutting edge technology and strict quality checks. With the following technologies, we assure that Archive Technologies record destruction services are significantly superior to our competitors:

  • Bar Codes: Boxes under physical storage are tracked with bar codes to guarantee they are disposed-off on their destroy dates.
  • Designation of Destroy Dates: Your files under our storage can be assigned Destroy Dates which signify the end of their life and commencement of destruction. We confirm with our clients prior to initiating the destruction process for their stored files.
  • Movement Tracking: The entire route from pickup to drop-off is provided beforehand to our client to inform them regarding the movement of their files.
  • Shredding: We provide file shredding services.
  • Pulping: We provide file pulping with chemicals and their recycling.