Retrieval Utility


Businesses generate a huge amount of data of equally diverse criteria on a daily basis. The majority of data is stored on electronic storage devices as it is both easy and convenient. However, the management of such large and complex information can become troublesome for long-term operations.

To answer this call for specialized data solutions, Archive Technologies offers its own retrieval utility and document management software (DMS) which are aimed to access such data and present it in an orderly fashion. With retrieval utility, the data can be indexed, stored and retrieved easily. The DMS is a heavy duty solution in cases where entire business operations need to be mirrored and digitized, which enables you to easily perform indexing, storage, searching and modifications to existing data. Being simple yet effective to use, our retrieval utility DMS is perfect for organizations of any size.

Archive Technologies Retrieval Software Capabilities

At Archive Technologies, our retrieval software services incorporate the following capabilities:

  • Replacement of business operations with digitalized DMS which significantly reduces paperwork.
  • Elimination of manual file keeping via retrieval utility, which allows you to index and manage files as required.
  • Searching, indexing and accessing data (DMS and Retrieval Utility).
  • Support for numerous file formats e.g. .PDF, .TIF, .JPG, etc.
  • Content searching.
  • Online document reader.

Advantages of Archive Technologies Retrieval Utility

Archive Technologies retrieval utility services offer the following unique benefits for your business:

  • Trained, Certified Retrieval Utility Technicians

Archive Technologies retrieval utility technicians are trained professionals with veteran field experience. They provide quality services and are capable of providing all the support you need.

  • Complete Data Confidentiality

With your own DMS and retrieval utility, your data remains confidential as it can only be accessed from within the organization.

  • Facilitation

With your own DMS and retrieval utility deployed, business operations can be streamlined.

  • Modifications According to Business Requirements

We modify the retrieval utility to best suit your business requirements.

  • Indexing

We provide indexing software as a cost effective solution for organizations seeking streamlined software.

Archive Technologies Retrieval Utility Services

Our retrieval utility is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and well-established businesses alike. We prove the worth of our services in more than words with the following technologies:

  • Online Document Reader: With our online document viewer, native application is not required to open it.
  • Full Setup: We provide full deployment of the DMS and retrieval utility for your company.
  • Indexing: For organizations seeking streamlined, lightweight solutions, our indexing software is always ready as an alternative.
  • Off-Site Storage: We offer off-site storage as well as digitization for office automation from our own facility in Islamabad. We offer consultation for streamlining business operations and modifications to our retrieval utility and DMS in order to match them with elicited requirements of our esteemed clients.