Scanning and Digitization

Digitization and document management system


The core of any prospering business is documentation of its proceedings, which proves to be invaluable in various ways, ranging from backtracking history to devising future strategies. The bulk of business operations are recorded physically, such as in paper-based form, which are prone to various dangers i.e. insect damage, degradation from environmental factors, theft, corruption, fire damage, etc. Space constraint also becomes a major issue when the bulk of files becomes too much to place in storage alone. With such risks at hand, it becomes imperative to for businesses to select services which can provide solutions to counteract these problems.

Archive Technologies offers its premium scanning services for such businesses to avail, so their resources can be redirected back towards business instead of tedious file management. With scanning services, your business can convert its bulk of paperwork into digitized documents for significantly reducing the space constraint.

We also allow you to transfer the scanned documents onto cloud storage, where they can be easily and promptly accessed at any given time. Scanned documents can be stored on our own storage devices and cloud servers, which certifies the highest level of security possible. We combine printing services with scanning to serve as a one-stop solution for everything. You are free to view, print and download these files at your leisure. Digitized documents such as loan papers, vouchers and account forms can be easily accessed and stored, facilitating the entirety of file management process for businesses.

Scanned documents eliminate the entire hassle of transportation, as they can be shared in real time via network connections. Certain documents are sensitive in nature and are scanned only when required. For such cases, the document can be scanned on demand and shared as required. Our veteran experience and latest tech guarantees that you will receive scanning and digitization services with incomparable standards.

Archive Technologies Scanning Capabilities
At Archive Technologies, our scanning and digitization services incorporate the following capabilities:
• Both on and off-site capabilities.

• Conversion of document into digital image which can be stored on cloud and hard drives.

• Entire books, libraries, architectural plans and engineering blueprints.

• Loan papers, invoices and other business records.

• Archiving of large data sets in orderly fashion.

• Recovery and update of legacy document into digitized formats.

• On demand document scanning for sensitive data.

• Services to manage file sharing via secure website.

• Indexing of legacy documents for digitization.

• Indexing of damaged documents for digitization.

Indexing of damaged documents for digitization.

Archive Technologies scanning and digitization services offer the following unique benefits for your business:

• Digitized Archive Libraries
Archive Technologies allows you to develop completely digitized archived libraries which can be shared both individually and imported to a repository for centralized access.

• Scan on Demand
Scan on demand allows you to scan documents as needed and share them only when necessary.

• Professional Scanning Protocols
Prior to scanning, we separate the files accordingly, remove their staples, paperclips, pins, bands, strings, fix torn edges and do our best to restore them to their best condition. We straighten the edges of any dog-eared files and use plastic sleeves wherever required for fragile files. We create photocopies to serve as backups whenever a file undergoes any preservation technique for eliminating chances of data loss. Throughout the process, we keep your files completely ordered and organized to maintain their original order.

• Reduce Physical Storage
Scanned documents are digitized and can be easily stored in cloud and physical servers. A warehouse full of documentation can be stored on single hard disk, greatly lifting the space constraint most organizations suffer from.

• Streamlined Costs
The costs associated with purchasing and managing storage of physical documentation can be entirely cut down by digitizing them.

Archive Technologies Scanning Services

Archive Technologies strives to dispense the best commercially available services and succeeds in doing so with its trained, qualified staff, cutting edge technology and strict quality check. With the following technologies, we provide proof that Archive Technologies scanning and digitization services are significantly superior to our competitors:
• Advanced Scanning Hardware for Swift Printing and Scanning Large Documents: Archive Technologies uses large-scale scanners that are capable of swiftly scanning your documents, whether they are small receipts or large architectural blueprints. We are capable of scanning anything you may send our way.

• Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology: OCR technology allows our scanners to identify characters against which ASCII codes are generated and translated by software for data scanning and digitization.
• File Format Conversion: We provide support for almost all kinds of file formats as well as their conversions.
• Indexing and Data Entry: In case your physical data files are damaged or require digitization in other ways, we provide indexing services through which your data is digitized for easy referencing.

• Customized Scanning Solutions:We are ever ready to incorporate your unique scanning requirements and devise customized scanning solutions, which will suit your requirements perfectly.
• Coded Link: We provide services to share your data via coded link, which cannot be detected by anyone other than the recipient with whom it has been shared. Our websites are secured with SSL certificate, which eliminates the chances of hacking and subsequent data loss, meaning your data is in the safest place possible.