Digitize & Archive Company’s Documents by Outsourcing these Services

Digitization has become a necessity rather than an option nowadays. Keeping your data and documents in the form of hard copies is not acceptable anymore. Many companies are aware of this fact and hence outsourcing document scanning services to get rid of hard documents to make some space in their office. Scanning of documents by the in-house team makes sense only if you have a very small quantity.


But what if you have thousands or even millions of documents?


You can’t possibly do it in-house. Scanning and indexing services may sound easy to do a task, but it can be very tedious and requires a lot of effort if you want to do it accurately. The   large quantity of document scanning requires a lot of tools and equipment, a dedicated team of skilled professionals, project managers, space, software, training, and audit. Therefore, there emerges the immediate need for outsourcing document scanning services.


Following are the reasons why you should hire professionals to do your document scanning project:



Document scanning companies have skilled professionals who have plenty of experience in this field and do their work with maximum quality and precision.


  •     With the outsource of document scanning services, you can get an access to the latest and updated scanning equipment that is capable of digitizing different types of documents including fast scanners, flatbed, wide format, photo and book scanners, microfilm scanners and so on.


  •     They are very clear about what quality assurance procedures they are going to follow to deliver the best quality of images and accurate index data.


  •     Document preparation needs a lot of manual labor and having experienced individuals further ensures great results. Technical expertise is needed to handle such large amounts of data into accessible databases and for compatible storage into data management systems or cloud-hosted systems.


  •     The overall cost to outsource your project to document management solutions is much lower than hiring an in-house team to the same work. And there is no guarantee they will get the work done with the same quality on time.


  •     Archival document scanning is also a very difficult, time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Undertaking such tasks can impact your focus on your core activities. The result will be less profit and growth. Hence, outsourcing document digitization services is the best solution. It is less expensive, less stressful and faster. You get high-quality work done in the defined frame of time.


When you decide to outsource document scanning and indexing service or document digitization services, there are a few things to consider when choosing a partner.


  •     Be sure to choose a firm that has experience in doing projects similar to your requirements.
  •     Ensure that they can cater to the size and scope you plan to expand at least within a year.
  •     Check out what kind of quality and security measures they follow.
  •     It is crucial that they have set the right workflow to ensure your project is done accurately and on time.
  •     They have to scan every page and kept in order, pages aren’t lost, all images are legitimate and index fields are precise.



Because of the flooding documents within an organization, there has been a tremendous rise towards the approach of outsourcing document scanning services across the world.


We, at Archive Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd., ensure that all the above said qualities are matched as we are leading firm in this industry providing world-class services of scanning and archiving at affordable cost.


If your company needs scanning and archiving services, feel free to contact us.

Save Space, Save Time – Get a Lively Service!

Storing the necessary information in the paper can cost you a lot of your valuable time and money. And it is here that our company plays a role in helping you out from a natural as well as manmade disasters.

We, at Archive Technologies, assist our clients in optimizing their operations through digitizing their documents, in order to give them a safe and friendly access to the information. We utilize contemporary technology and latest tools to convert any document into any file type.


Once the document is digitized, our document management methods imply that the information can be accessed, indexed, and shared by the users anytime and from anywhere. We give a high paramount importance to the concept of security and confidentiality. We have a team of experts who utilize their best capabilities to portray an accurate and reliable result at an affordable cost.